Our teams in Australia and Indonesia work together to ensure our programmes and projects bring impact, are relevant and innovative.

Australian Team

Lizzie Murray

Founder / Managing Director

With a life spent living, travelling and working around the world from childhood, communication and helping people became Lizzie’s greatest passions. She saw that relatable and creative ways to communicate knowledge and information and co-create initiatives brought impact, especially amongst remote communities. Lizzie has an Honours degree from University College London in Political Science and was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce for her contribution to education and conservation in Indonesia. She has visited over one hundred countries and is proficient in five languages. Lizzie has spent ten years living and working with communities in Indonesia.

Keri Algar

Secretary / Non-executive director

Keri Algar is a media communication professional and freelance travel writer. Having worked in development journalism, Keri has raised the capacity of individuals in remote, cross-cultural and post-conflict contexts. She believes the effective use of media communication is crucial for communities that wish to play a part in their own development.

Katiuce Nedel-Martin

Public officer / non-executive director

A dynamic finance compliance professional, Katiuce has experience in the financial services sector in both Brazil and Australia. Growing up in Brazil gave her the opportunity to see first hand how nonprofits can improve the quality of life of people. 

Janiece Walker

Finance Manager / non-executive director

Meeting Lizzie in Bali at the Surf + Social Good Summit that she hosted back in 2015, Janiece knew that she had to be involved with A Liquid Future from the very first time that she heard Lizzie speak about the programmes she ran in Mentawai. Janiece has a Bachelor of Education and has worked on the ground in Indonesia twice so far. 

Indonesian Team

Maria Megawati Maail

Executive Director

Maria is passionate about seeing the younger generation lead their communities into the future as development arrives to their shores.  Previously a high school teacher, Maria is a mother of three and keen to do all she can to make the future one where local communities and the environment flourish. 

Johnson Salean


Johnson is a passionate father who loves nature. He wants to help realize A Liquid Future's mission and vision, contributing to a better education for children and protecting the natural environment in Mentawai which he visits regularly from Padang. 

Sakarias Jaji

Activities Manager

Sar comes from a family of a local fisherman in Bido and is a fisherman and surfer himself. He has extensive knowledge of the local marine environment and weather. He is keen to understand and guide his community in using their marine resources in a sustainable manner as development arrives, with a particular focus on waves and surfing. 

Cici Umellia Palaboko


Cici has a degree in administration and is a member of the village government for her village of Bido. As a mother of a daughter, she is keen to see the empowerment of girls across Indonesia.

Faridah Azmi


Faridah has an IB Diploma and worked in the marketing department of AIA Insurance and Bank Danamon.  Faridah is a mother of three children. She would like to see children in Mentawai independent, confident and in a position to advance Mentawai.

Adetiya Septian Sinaulan

Finance Manager

Adetiya’s motto is “Do all you can in life to make it the best for everyone” and he certainly lives up to that.  With a degree in mathematics Adetiya is committed to helping youth and seeing them achieve their full potential.  The manager of our Creative I.T lab, Adetiya is bringing vital tech skills to local communities. 

Ricardo Wiyana

Finance Manager

Ricardo has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Canada. He now owns and runs the hotel and bar "Bat And Arrow" in Padang. Ricardo frequently interacts with tourists and is thankful for tourism. He says, "Tourism and the surfing industry have a huge impact on me, therefore I wish to give back to the community of Mentawai through A Liquid Future."

Nidar Saumatgerat


Nidar, one of A Liquid Future’s first students, is leading our programmes five years later in her community of Mapadegat. Nidar speaks excellent English and came second in the Mentawai Surfing Competition 2019.  She is passionate about being an environmental role model within her community.