Our new team in Mentawai is a fabulous mix of men, women and young adults from Mentawai, Padang and Australia, all ready to Draw Their Line and make a positive impact for youth and the marine environment in these extraordinary islands.  

Alannah Sabine, Director

Alannah lives in the Mentawai. After seeing first hand the positive impact A Liquid Future’s programmes have, she was keen to join the team and get more deeply involved with the community.

Alannah is a qualified ESL teacher (English as a second language).

Nidar Saumatgerat, Teacher

Nidar, one of A Liquid Future’s first students, is leading our programmes five years later in her community of Mapadegat. Nidar speaks excellent English and came second in the Mentawai Surfing Competition 2019. She is passionate about being an environmental role model within her community.

Fujianny Putri, Teacher

Fuji, one of A Liquid Future’s first students, is now leading programmes from her home at Jati beach, Mentawai. Fuji feels learning English gives you an open door to the world: “It opens up employment opportunities. Being able to speak a foreign language helps to make real connections with people and to know more about diverse cultures, places and lifestyles”.

Johnson Salean, Director

Johnson is a passionate father who loves nature. He wants to help realize A Liquid Future’s mission and vision, contributing to a better education for children and protecting the natural environment in Mentawai which he visits regularly from Padang. 

Faridah Azmi, Secretary

Faridah has an IB Diploma and worked in the marketing department of AIA Insurance and Bank Danamon.

Faridah is a mother of three children. She would like to see children in Mentawai independent, confident and in a position to advance Mentawai.

Ricardo Wiyana, Finance Manager

Ricardo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Canada. He now owns and runs the hotel and bar „Bat And Arrow“ in Padang. Ricardo frequently interacts with tourists and is thankful for tourism. He says, „Tourism and the surfing industry have a huge impact on me, therefore I wish to give back to the community of Mentawai through A Liquid Future.“

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