We set up surf clubs with local communities. Together we run our SENSE programmes from these. We call them Surf Club Hubs. They are a focal point for youth providing an invaluable sense of belonging and identity. They enable diverse collaborative projects and initiatives and multi-stakeholder engagement to evolve organically, ensuring long-term sustainability and impact.

  • Surf School
  • Photography Business
  • Surf ‘Homestay’
  • With local and international universities
  • With international NGOs
  • Local governments
  • Tourism sector, e.g. surf resorts
  • Local schools
  • Other local NGOs
  • English and Creative Media
  • Surfing and Ocean Conservation
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Protects surrounding marine ecosystem
  • Protects near coastal ecosystem
  • Plastic recycling with local businesses
  • Beach cleanups

Surf clubs are incorporated into a surfing association and national surfing league and governing body.