We believe effective solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss are fundamentally human ones. Protecting some of the most biodiverse areas on our planet means investing in the people living closest to them.

Many of these areas are also home to surfing waves, with surfing a highly popular past time amongst local communities and surf tourism viewed as a way out of poverty and a means to meet people from other countries, a very exciting proposition.

We work together in the location right from the start. We use communities’ passion for surfing as a sport and lifestyle as the foundation for our creative education programmes and the building blocks for setting up surf club hubs.

We work with local communities, local governments, business, academia, the surf industry and international NGOs.

We believe a social and relatable approach to climate change that unites people, enables them to draw on their passions, dreams and imagination, ensuring long-term commitment and scale, while enabling them to play their part as they see best, is a vital aspect of meeting the challenges we face today at the scale at which they exist, and overcoming them.